Great American Smokeout 2016

Have you been thinking it might be time to quit smoking?  Maybe you’ve thought, “I’m ready to have better health, set a good example for my children, save money, and be more active” or other personal reasons motivating you to quit. The Great American Smokeout, on November 17, 2016, is a yearly event that encourages smokers to make a plan to quit or to quit smoking on that day.

Why Quit?

Dollars and Cents

Smoking is expensive!  The cost of a pack of cigarettes in Wisconsin is between $7.00-8.00.  Check out this website:  It helps you see how much money you can save by quitting.  Smoking one pack of cigarettes per day over one year costs about $2,800.  The money you save could be used for a vacation, to pay bills, or other things – talk about motivation! 

Taking those First Steps

Even with many good reasons, quitting can be hard. But, you can make a plan to help you be successful.

Motivate: Why It Matters:

  • Make a list about what’s important to you and how quitting can have a positive impact on those things.

  • Look at your list often to remind you why you’re quitting.

Make a Plan: Let’s Do This: 

  • Pick a quit date and make a plan.

  • Think about what might trigger you to want to smoke like stress, alcohol, or certain situations.Plan how you will cope with these triggers so you’re ready.

Manage:  Set Up for Success:

  • Remove all tobacco products from your home, car, or anywhere else you use them.

  • Tell your support system that you are quitting and how they can help.

  • Talk to your medical provider about quitting.Getting help makes it almost three times more likely that you will quit.

  • Connect with the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) or online at Quit Line has many options for support including free medications, coaching, and web forums.

  • Visit the Centers for Disease Control’s website “Tips from Former Smokers” at .

  • Check out the free QuitGuide App at the iTunes App Store or for Android at Googleplay.It can help you understand your smoking patterns and build skills needed to become and stay smokefree.

Maintain – Keep Trying and Forgive:

  • Some people quit smoking on their first try.But for most of us it takes more than just one try.

  • Stay active. Always check with your medical provider before starting any new exercise or activity.

  • Reward yourself. Celebrate milestones like being 24 hours smokefree or one month smokefree. Treat yourself when you hit those milestones – you deserve it!

  • If you do “slip” after your quit date, forgive yourself and try again.

Coach Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”  It may take more than one attempt to quit. If you keep “getting up,” you are still on the road to success. Perhaps “The Great American Smokeout” on November 17, 2016 will be your first step on that road.

Carla Lundeen, RN, BSN