Quality Management Committee

Purpose: WWC’s Quality Management (QM) Committee is a Board of Directors designated committee that is responsible for assuring that the quality management system is developed as effectively as possible and the Quality Management Program is given all necessary resources. The QM Committee prioritizes and coordinates all organizational quality/performance improvement activities. The committee contains representation from all regions in the WWC area, meets on a quarterly basis, and rotates meeting places throughout the WWC regional offices. Committee members may participate by telephone.

The directors, management, external auditors and the state contract have a direct interest in the efficiency of the committee because the committee can assist in meeting the contractual requirement and fulfilling a quality monitoring system within the organization.

The Aims of the Quality Management Committee create efficiencies in the operations and add value to the organization.

  • Review and approve Strategic Quality Initiatives.
  • Review and approve educational materials.
  • Provide feedback on educational materials.
  • Review and approve prevention and wellness initiatives.
  • Review and approve the Annual QM program description.
  • Review and approve the annual QA/QI work plan.
  • Review the results of all monitoring data.
  • Ensure adequate member involvement in the QA/QI Program.
  • Review and evaluate interventions.
  • Review member satisfaction data.

Composition of the Quality Management Committee

  • The QM Committee shall consist of at least 10 members but no more than 16 members. The members should have a variety of areas of expertise. Membership shall include WWC staff and community members. There shall be at least three members of the committee who meet the functional eligibility for one of the target populations served by WWC.
  • QM Committee members must be capable of evaluating the program structure and making appropriate recommendations. The committee members do not need to be experts in the Family Care Program; however, they need to be able to assess and ask appropriate questions and provide their opinions related to different areas of the program.
  • Committee members must be able to dedicate time to attend the Quarterly Meetings. Regular attendance is necessary to be familiar with ongoing changes and understand program information.
  • Committee members bring a variety of experiences and perspectives to provide feedback to the Quality Management Program.

Meetings of the Quality Management Committee

  • The agenda of each meeting shall be clearly decided in advance and supporting documents shall be presented to the QM Committee in advance in order to provide time for review and consideration of the matters.
  • The Committee will meet at least four times per year and has the ability to call special meetings if deemed necessary.
  • The Committee shall maintain written minutes of its meetings and will be reviewed at the proceeding meeting.
  • Composition:

Facilitator: Quality Management Director


  • WWC Executive Director
  • WWC Care Management Staff
  • WWC Provider Network Representative
  • WWC Contractual Provider Representative
  • WWC Members
  • WWC Board Member
  • Community Representatives

Attendance Standards for Quality Management Committee

  • Committee member will be expected to present at all meetings, if possible. Members have the choice to attend by telephone. The committee convenes four times per year.
  • If unable to attend a meeting, committee members will notify the WWC Quality Management Director.
  • A committee member who is representing a community agency or WWC contractual provider may provide an alternative representative if the committee member is unable to attend.