Frequently Asked Questions

Do you (WWC) have a handbook available for members?

Can I hire my own staff to provide my care?

Family Care offers a program called Self-Directed Supports (SDS) whereby a member can self-direct or manage many services they receive. Your social worker/case manager or nurse can explain the various options a member has to self-direct, provide information about agencies that assist with the process and help with the paperwork to enroll in SDS. There is no additional cost to use the SDS program. Your social worker/case manager or nurse will work with the member on the approved budget, and the member can then choose the staff they want to work with. Staff must pass a background check to qualify. Visit the SDS page to learn more about self-directing your care.

Who do I contact to request help or services?

Members should contact their social worker/case manager or nurse directly with questions, concerns, needs, updates, etc.  If you have an important matter to be addressed and the team is unavailable, you can call the main WWC number for your local office and ask to speak with the team’s unit manager.  There is always a unit manager available to assist with questions or concerns during business hours. Visit our Contact Us page to find office locations and contact information. For medical emergency always dial 911 to access your local emergency services.

What if I need a ride or something authorized and the office is closed?

Members or providers that need to access authorization for rides or other products or services after business hours, including evenings and weekends, may call the After Hours Authorization Line at (877) 285-6425 for personal assistance.

How can I learn more about the services I qualify for?

Your social worker/case manager or nurse will contact you within three days of enrollment into Family Care with WWC. They will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your needs, abilities, functioning, etc. They will also provide you with a member handbook that will detail services, your rights, benefit packages, responsibilities, how to appeal if you disagree with something, etc. You are also welcome to contact the social worker/case manager or nurse or unit manager if you ever have questions.

My friend received some services and equipment from WWC. Can I get them too?

Your social worker/case manager or nurse will meet with you to assess your current needs, functioning and abilities and work with you to create an individualized plan to meet your unique needs in the most cost-effective way. You will participate in that decision-making process through RAD, which stands for Resource Allocation and Decision Process.

Will I have to pay for any services?

Some members have to pay a monthly amount to remain eligible for Family Care.  This monthly payment is known as a cost share and is based on your income and allowable deductions. The Income Maintenance agency determines the amount of your cost share.  The amount of your cost share is looked at once a year or anytime your income and allowable deductions change.

Members who live in a residential care setting (adult family homes, community based facilities, and residential care apartment complexes are responsible to pay room and board (rent and food) costs.

If you have a cost share or room and board costs, you will receive a bill monthly from WWC.

I am unable to remain living in my own home. May I choose any facility I want to live in?

WWC has an internal department called Provider Network that is in charge of contracting with various residential providers to help meet member residential/housing needs. They have an extensive network of providers that we contract with for various services. Your social worker/case manager or nurse will work with you to assess what level of care needs you have, and how independent you can be. They will liaison with Provider Network to provide you with residential options to explore. You can tour the facilities or homes prior to making a decision and ask any questions you may have.

WWC uses a lot of terms that I’m not familiar with. How can I understand what you are talking about?

Your social worker/case manager or nurse will share the member handbook with you and will explain terms, programs, etc. Feel free to ask them to go over any of the topics again in the future if clarification is needed. The member handbook also has appendices in the back of the book that lists definitions of important words, which is a helpful reference you can use at any time.  Visit our Acronyms page to help you understand the unique terms used in Family Care programs.

Do you (WWC) have a handbook for members?

Yes, WWC has a handbook available for members. Each member receives a copy of the handbook when they enroll and meet with their team. Handbooks are reviewed at least yearly. Click here to view a digital version of the member handbook.