Would you or someone you know like to know more about how to become a member of Western Wisconsin Cares?

In order to become a member of WWC a person needs to be eligible for Family Care.  Family Care is for people who are:

  • 18 or older with physical disabilities
  • 18 or older with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Frail adults, age 65 or older
  • Have long term care service needs
  • Live in a Family Care county
  • Meet financial eligibility requirements and be eligible for Medicaid (if you already receive Medicaid you automatically meet the financial requirements).

If you’re interested learning more about your options for long term care services contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) listed below.

What you can expect when meeting with the ADRC

There are three steps to determine eligibility and enrollment in a Family Care MCO. The ADRC helps people with each step.

  1. The ADRC will visit the person and complete the Long Term Care Functional Screen to assess the person's level of need for services and functional eligibility for the Family Care benefit. Once the individual's particular needs for long-term care are determined, the ADRC will provide advice about the options available to him or her.
  2. If the person is interested in Family Care or another Medicaid program, the ADRC will help the person contact an income maintenance agency to determine financial eligibility.
  3. Once functional and financial eligibility is established, the ADRC contacts the person, either by phone or in person. The ADRC makes sure the person understands what it means to become a member of the MCO, and that he or she understands all the options for long-term care available. If the person decides on Family Care, the resource center finishes the enrollment process and notifies the MCO of the enrollment date.

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