Grievance Rights

What is a grievance?

A grievance is when you are not satisfied with Western Wisconsin Cares, one of our providers, or have concerns about the quality of your care or services. For example, you might want to file a grievance if:

  • Your personal care worker often arrives late.
  • You feel your care team does not listen to you.
  • You have trouble getting appointments with a provider.
  • You are not satisfied with your provider’s incontinence products.

Who can file a grievance on my behalf?

Your authorized representative, such as a legal guardian or activated power of attorney for health care, can file a grievance for you. Your family, a friend, or a provider can file a grievance for you if they have your written permission.

What is the deadline to file a grievance?

You can file a grievance at any time.

What are my options?

If you want to file a grievance, you have two options. You can:

  1. Start by filing a grievance with Western Wisconsin Cares. For more information on how to use option 1, see page 37 of the Member Handbook

  2. Start by asking for a review by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS). For more information on how to use option 2, see page 39 of the Member Handbook